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Lenovo 300 USB Wired Combo Arabic 253 – GX30M39607 كيبورد + ماوس سلكى لينوفو



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Part Number GX30M39607
Device Type Desktop Combo
Model Lenovo 300 USB Wired Combo Arabic 253 – GX30M39607
Brand Lenovo
Color Black
Connectivity Wired

Electrical Specifications
Normal Voltage: 5 Vdc
Operating Voltage Range: 4.75 ~ 5.25 Vdc
Physical Specifications
Lenovo 300 USB Keyboard
Approximate Length: 424.0 mm
Approximate width: 146.4 mm
Approximate height: 20.2 mm
Approximate weight: 580 g
Lenovo 300 USB Mouse
Approximate Length: 111.3 mm
Approximate width: 62.3 mm
Approximate height: 33.8 mm
Approximate weight: 70 g
Lenovo 300 USB Combo Keyboard and Mouse with package
Approximate Length: 508.0 mm
Approximate width: 179.0 mm
Approximate height: 45.0 mm
Approximate weight: 1050 g
Supported all Lenovo desktops, noteboooks that have a USB port.
Supported all Lenovo DTs and AIOs
ideacentre Y710 Cube-15ISH, AIO 510-22ASR, AIO 510-23ASR, AIO 510-22ISH, AIO 510-23ISH, ideacentre AIO 510S-23ISU, ideacentre 610S-02ISH, ideacentre 510s-08ISH, ideacentre 710-25ISH, ideacentre AIO 910-27ISH, Y900 RE-34ISZ, AIO 700-27ISH, AIO 700-24ISH, AIO 700-22ISH, C20-00, AIO 300-23ACL, AIO 300-20ISH, AIO 300-22ACL, AIO 300-22ISU, AIO 300-23ISU, ideacentre 300-20IBR, ideacentre 300S-11IBR, ideacentre 300S-08IHH, 300-20ISH, 300S-11ISH, ideacentre Y900-34ISZ, ideacentre Y700-34ISH, Stick 300-01IBY (1.0), ideacentre Stick 300-01IBY (2.0), ideacentre 700-25ISH, 200-01IBW, YOGA Home 900-27IBU, YOGA Home 500-22IBU, AIO 700-24AGR, A300 All-In-One, A540 All-In-One, A600 All-In-One, A700 All-In-One, A720 All-In-One, A740 All-In-One, B305 All-In-One, B500 All-In-One, B320, B325, B340 AIO, B7150 AIO, B450P, B520, B520e, B545, B40-30, B50-30, B50-35, BEACON, C100, C200, C225, C260, C300, C305, C320, C325, C315 All-In-One, C470, C50-30(C580), H305, H405, H415, H210, H200, H220, H320 Tower, H420, H520s, H525s, H535, H535s, H330, H430, H30-00, 05, 50, H50-00, 05, 50, 55, K210 Tower, K220 Tower, K230 Tower, K300 Tower, K315, K410, K320 Tower, K305 Tower, K330, K430, K450, K450e, N300(Android), Q700, Q150 Ultra-Slim, Q180, Q190
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Operating Range: 0 C to 50 C / 10 – 90% RH



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